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Your customers are using the internet to search for the most effective solutions to their problems, and the brands that are winning are the ones that are creating engaging and relevant content to solve those problems.

At 98toGo we use a well defined content marketing process to understand the issues your customers are searching for solutions to, and to create content designed to drive eyeballs to your website.

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We Create Demand

Many business websites pat themselves on the back once they get a new visitor on their site.  The real triumph, however, is converting that visitor into a lead and that lead into a customer.

98toGo understands the art of creating compelling content that stirs interest in your new website visitor, and skillfully moves them down your marketing funnel. 





Less than 2% of your online traffic typically converts to paying customers

That leaves 98% that are just kicking tires and may not ever come back.
This is where 98toGo comes along (and that's where our name came from)!


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Here's how our inbound marketing process works


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1. Attract

Create Optimized Content


We produce the high quality content you need to get to your traffic goals. We will optimize that content and post it to your blog to be found by the search engines.

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2. Engage

Capture Leads


We then entice the visitors that come into your website using compelling calls-to-action, getting them to engage and capturing their contact information as a lead.

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3. Convert

Nurture those leads


Next, we use email automation to nurture your leads, bringing them down the sales funnel and warming them up to be closed by your sales team.

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4. Analyze

Track Results And Improve


Finally, we benchmark progress by setting up goals that we agree to together and review these goals on a regular basis to be sure we are on track.





HubSpot Partner Agency

HubSpot is the very best platform we've experienced that brings your ENTIRE online presence together in one powerful integrated system.  

From blogging, to social media, to landing pages, to analytics (and more) -- HubSpot is the best all-in-one marketing software we've seen.  Hands down.

We've been a HubSpot Certified Agency Partner since we founded our company, and highly recommend this tool for businesses wanting to truly make an impact online. 


"98toGo has risen to the top as one of our premier partners. They work with like minded people and organizations to help them achieve their goals on a professsional and business level, but also on a personal level as well."

Buck Flather, Inbound Marketing Consultant at Hubspot



How To Create Killer

Marketing Content


Attracting quality traffic to your website can be traced back to one thing: your ability to create KILLER content.

It can be a challenge, but with the right guidance you can make content that attracts, engages and impresses.

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We Generate Real Results

Vacation Rental Company

We lowered paid advertising by $60,000, while increasing organic traffic by 89%. Read more.

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Insurance Agency

We tripled organic traffic, grew leads and increased engagement on social media. Read more

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Piano Retailer

We tripled organic traffic, doubled overall website traffic and improved conversion rates by 75%. Read more



  • Blake-Cooper

    "I'm in my second year with 98toGo, and I have seen increases in traffic, increases in sales and increases in the time I have to run my business."

    Blake Cooper, President at Cooper Piano