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About Us



The 98toGo Founding Story

In 2011, old friends Tom and Fred reunited on a bike trail along the Chattahoochee River in Atlanta.  Tom was the owner of a cabin rental company, and Fred was a new online marketing entrepreneur.  That day, they brainstormed on how they could help Tom reduce his $100,000 online advertising spend.  

A few months later, after joining forces to help Tom's business, the pair discovered Inbound Marketing and HubSpot.  They dove in head first to learning everything they could about Inbound Marketing and becoming experts at the HubSpot marketing platform.  They fully committed Tom's business to inbound marketing, and didn't look back.

6 months later, Tom's business had transformed.  His results were up and his advertising spend was down.  The pair knew they had an opportunity on their hands.

Fueled by the strong results from Tom's business, and the excitement expressed by their business peers, they started a company to bring inbound marketing to more small businesses. 

98toGo was formed. 

Now, 98toGo is a proven inbound marketing agency and HubSpot partner.  We make it easy for your ideal customer to find you online, helping you turn browsers into fans, and fans into customers.

We do this by creating compelling content for you to share, optimizing everything along the way, and measuring the results so that we’re maximizing your investment.  Our goal is to deliver peace of mind to you, the small business owners, and help you turn your website into a marketing powerhouse.

Read the full story of how 98toGo was founded on our blog: From Cabins To Content: The Founding Story Of 98toGo.  


Where Did We Get Our Name?

98_name_graphicWe're asked all of the time, "What does the name '98toGo' mean?"

Well it's simple: The average website converts at 2% or less.  That means around 98% of the people who visit your website will leave without taking any significant action (like signing up for a newsletter or submitting a contact form).  

98%....That's a huge number!  Imagine how much money your website is leaving on the table!

Our name simply means that we are committed to engaging that remaining 98%. 

So if your website is doing an effective job at taking care of the 2%, there's still "98toGo". 


Our Culture Of Play


The 98toGo culture is one of balance.  Throughout each day we strive for harmony between the Work-Life-Play aspects of our lives, which allows us to consciously focus our energies into the spheres that matter most to us.   We are of the belief that having balance gives focus, and we are proving that we can be more effective in less time than most companies, which results in more resources and attention dedicated to each client.

What does a company operating on this level look like?  It looks like having nutritious foods at the office (think wheatgrass and juicers), lots of workout balls and yoga mats, team workout sessions during the week (we call it “play”), a 7 mile team run every Friday (during which we hold our weekly business meetings), personal Mission Statements for each team member, and a clear idea on how a healthy balance week is integrated into our work routine.

At 98toGo, we believe in personal and professional Health & Wellness, and we synergize well with companies who share in our philosophies.


Some Of Our Bling


In 2014, 98toGo was recognized by The Sales Lion as one of the "12 best HubSpot Partners of 2014".   






98toGo knows Inbound Marketing and is a Certified HubSpot Agency Partner.  Our entire team carries various Inbound Marketing and HubSpot Certifications.  When it comes to Inbound Marketing and HubSpot, we know our stuff!




We've also been recognized by the creators of the Content Marketer's Blueprint as a Certified Partner agency.  This innovative inbound marketing tool is one of the many that we use to deliver amazing results to our clients. 


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