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How to Use Your Blog to Grow Your Business Presentation Videos

The following are clips from our presentation on How To Use Your Blog to Grow Your Business. You can access the entire slideshow from the presentation here.



Clip 1: Promotions



Clip 2: Writing Headlines



Clip 3: Content Campaign



Content Marketer's Blueprint Training Videos 

These videos are designed to help you:

  • implement the Content Marketer's Blueprint on HubSpot
  • create the content to fuel your engine
  • measure the results for continued improvement

*Please note, the plans/framework that are outlined in these videos may not be included in a typical 98toGo engagement. Each engagement is unique and therefore the plans/framework and deliverables will be unique. 

Video 1: Implementing your automated sales engine


 Video 2: Creating the Content 


Video 3: Measuring the Results