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Take Your Business Growth to a Whole New Level

Generate more traffic with Inbound Marketing and watch your leads and customers increase

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There are 4 key components in our Inbound Marketing methodology

Attract.  Engage.  Convert.  Analyze.




We Create and Optimize Your Content


Companies that blog get 55% more web traffic and 70% more leads than those that don't.

Our unique 27 point checklist helps us ensure that each post is ideally optimized to drive results year after year. We use best demonstrated practices for blog writing, employing smart practices that make a big difference.

Our blogging process starts with:

  • A deep and comprehensive understanding of exactly who your ideal client is and what they look like

  • Knowing what your client pain points are, what questions they are actively searching for solutions to, and where they need help

  • Identifying areas where we can create compelling content that effectively communicates how your company can meet the needs of your prospects

After that is complete, the fun begins!  We start blogging and churning out quality content (quality always over quantity) that drives the right type of traffic to your website.

Free Blogging Guide - 11 Steps Towards Effective Blogging



We Capture your Leads Through Powerful Calls To Action


After visitors read an article, it’s important to engage them so that they come in to the site. Calls-to-action (CTAs) are fantastic triggers that help your website visitors further engage with your content. We will work with you to:

  • Develop an effective CTA strategy

  • Incorporate a mix of CTAs across different sections of your website, that attract visitors in different parts of the buying process

  • Craft the message on the CTAs to improve click-through rates

  • Write, design and develop CTAs that are effective at turning your website window shoppers into leads

We can train you so that you become proficient at building your CTAs or keep creating them for you to leverage the various stages of your website’s sales cycle.

How to Create Killer Calls To Action CTA's



We Nurture Those Leads


Once a visitor has become a lead and given you their contact information, we use automated emails to bring leads down the sales funnel, warming them up to be closed.  We call this “lead nurturing” and these lead nurturing campaigns help you grow your business by:

  • Monetizing new leads into revenue generating customers

  • Nurturing interested (but not ready to buy just yet) target customers with compelling valuable content

  • Automatically sending out emails to stay top of mind and to gain the trust of interested leads

  • Engaging leads (and customers) so they never feel forgotten

We will help you devise a targeted email campaign based on how visitors interact with your website.  Messaging, offers and content will be tailored to your target personas, creating a better user experience for your website visitors. 

Free Guide to optimizing email marketing template



We Analyze The Results And Improve


Finally, we benchmark progress by setting up goals that we agree to together and review these goals on a regular basis to be sure we are on track.

The smartest marketing decisions are the ones that are made with data backing them up.  Our software partner of choice, Hubspot, makes data gathering, analysis and comprehension easier than ever.  Here are some of the things we track and pay attention to on a daily basis:

  • Overall website performance

  • Changes in organic traffic rates

  • Website page conversion rates

  • Blog performance (overall and on individual articles)

  • Conversions across all calls-to-action

  • Email list growth rates

  • Email click-through-rates and conversion rates

  • Generated leads and sales qualified leads

  • And many more

The point of tracking data and making decisions based on the information the data give us, is to always be aware of your ROI.  Through efficiency, intelligence and effectiveness, we work to maximize your ROI with every campaign that we manage.  

How to Unlock ROI
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    "98toGo works with like minded people and organizations to help them achieve their goals on a professional and business level but also on a personal level"

    -Buck Flather, Inbound Marketing Consultant at Hubspot