Behind the scenes of the new 98toGo corporate video

A lot of corporate websites, intentionally or not, become ways for businesses to mask their identity and create distance with their audience.

At 98toGo, we want our website to bring us closer to the people we help and work with, and out of that commitment, we created our new 98toGo corporate video.

The video is big on authenticity; what you see is the real deal. We hope that your viewing helps start a working relationship with us, or at least shows what makes us tick in a way that isn’t possible without the power of multimedia.

Watch the video now, and then read more about how our candid presentation became a reality.

Making the 98toGo corporate video

The team behind the camera was Todd Pringle and Kevin Greene of Atlanta Idea Studio, one of 98toGo’s strategic partners in corporate video. They both did a great job of moving the project forward and bringing out our best creatively and technically. We also applaud them for putting up with a couple of marketing strategists who lack professional acting experience!

We also want to thank Kelly Sims of predictive analytics firm Intalytics for appearing in the video. While a number of actors could have portrayed a client, we asked ourselves what an ideal client is really like, and Kelly (an actual client) immediately came to mind. That said, Kelly was more than willing to participate, and we’re pleased that her lovely presence became a part of our video!

We shot the video at Cornerstone Coworking in Lawrenceville, Georgia, where our office is located. The look and feel of the space was as good for video as it is for productivity, and team member Samantha from Cornerstone even made a special guest appearance.

From the 98toGo roster, Fred, Kevin, and Addison all participated with support from team members Brenna and Kate. And while Addison was the first to receive the video, team members Ashley and Megan watched it first.


What the 98toGo corporate video communicates

We identified a few key points that are best communicated through video that just don’t come out very well with written words or still images alone.

  1. 98toGo is a team of fun, passionate, creative, talented people.
  2. We solve our clients’ painful marketing problems with strategy first, then execution.
  3. We deliberately manage our company and methodology to offer something you can’t find anywhere else.
  4. We’re thoughtful about the type of client we work with because what we provide is special and can’t be mass produced.

It’s one thing to read those statements; it’s something entirely different to feel that they’re true. And now that our video is out there for the world to see, we hope it resonates with you too.