Using Digital Marketing Strategies To Engage, Not Advertise

We’ve all heard it: the Internet has changed the way that businesses must market themselves to customers. Today’s online customers are more active, discerning, and questioning than in any other era. They expect you to come to them and show that you really care about their needs. 

But how do you approach online leads?

Just like any normal conversation, you engage in dialogue.

So, the next concern is, how do you keep the interaction alive? Just like a regular conversation, you just don’t talk — you listen. For many consumers, brands that win their business are the ones that focus on interactions, listening, and responding appropriately.

Therefore, simply having a presence in social media isn’t enough. Whether you are writing blogs, creating a Facebook page, posting Monologues, maintaining a Twitter feed, submitting photos to Instagram, or using any of the other many social websites available, you must focus first on creating good rapport with your customers by engaging and listening.

How do you get them to like you so they’ll buy from you? We have some simple yet often overlooked tips to accomplishing this.

Give customers information that they want via blogs

People go to the Internet to learn for themselves. Blogs are a great way to create a portal for these consumers seeking information.

A blog can begin by telling consumers about the details of a product and the usefulness of it. However, when you talk about a subject, don’t make it a sales pitch. Talk openly and accurately about it. If you can slip in a small plug for your product, that’s great, but if you present your product as the one and only possible solution, people will tune out and consider you disingenuous. Make yourself useful to them with simple, informative content, no strings attached.

Start a conversation on social media

The Internet is interactive. Customers today want to have a dialogue. Post questions on your Facebook page and your Twitter account. Ask for advice. Find out what they want from you. Maybe even chat about the latest football scores, or entertainment news, but just to show that there are real people behind the scenes.

Accept online criticism with good grace

As part of any dialogue, some customers may have problems with your company. Don’t attempt to bury or cover up these criticisms. Address them openly and make sure it’s clear you care about what they have to say. See message board criticisms as an opportunity to show your best face. Disgruntled customers can be turned into fans just by treating them fairly.

Be honest in your digital marketing presence!

This is the single most important aspect of good digital marketing engagement strategies. Internet users are extremely savvy. Lies will be caught immediately, and users can spot “weasel words” a mile away. Don’t hyperbolize or exaggerate, except in jest. Admit to faults, if necessary, and explain how you are correcting them. This, more than anything, will build trust among your customers and convert them into fans.

In short, the best social media strategies are those that help endear your company to your customers. For success in today’s wired world, businesses must truly market themselves to their potential customers before they can market a product. Make new friends and new fans first, and then they’ll look to see what your business can offer.


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